Flexible and integrated care and support

My support, my own way

I statements
What good looks like from the perspective of someone who draws upon care and support

I have care and support that enables me to live as I want to, seeing me as a unique person with skills, strengths and personal goals.

I am in control of planning my care and support. If I need help with this, people who know and care about me are involved.

I know how much money is available to meet my care and support needs. I can decide how it’s used – whether it’s my own money, a health or social care personal budget, or a budget managed on my behalf.

I have care and support that is coordinated and everyone works well together and with me.

I can choose who supports me, and how, when and where my care and support is provided.

I can get skilled advice and support to understand how my care and support budgets work and enable me to make the best use of the money available.

I can get skilled advice and support to recruit and manage my personal assistants, whether I employ them or an organisation does.

We statements
What people who work in care and support should be doing to make the I statements real

We work in partnership with others to make sure that all our services work seamlessly together from the perspective of the person accessing services.

We work with others to agree a single, integrated personal plan and provide a named coordinator for people accessing more than one service.

We talk with people to find out what matters most to them, their strengths and what they want to achieve and build these into their personalised care and support plans.

We work with people as equal partners and combine our respective knowledge and experience to support joint decision-making.

We tell people about their rights to advocacy and representation and make sure these services are available.

We want people to be as involved as possible in writing their personalised care and support plans and provide help from people who understand the importance of person-centred planning.

We make sure that people can rely on and build relationships with the people who work with them and get consistent support at times that make sense for them.

We work flexibly to meet people’s fluctuating requirements for care and support, enabling the flexible use of personal budgets over time and with minimal restrictions.

We review people’s personalised care and support plans with them regularly, focusing on whether they are doing the things they identified as important to them.

We make sure that our organisational policies and procedures reflect the duties and spirit of the law and do not inadvertently restrict people’s choice and control.

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