The people who support me

I statements
What good looks like from the perspective of someone who draws upon care and support

I am supported by people who see me as a unique person with strengths, abilities and aspirations.

I am supported by people who listen carefully so they know what matters to me and how to support me to live the life I want.

I am supported to make decisions by people who see things from my point of view, with concern for what matters to me, my wellbeing and health.

I have considerate support delivered by competent people.

We statements
What people who work in care and support should be doing to make the I statements real

We don’t make assumptions about what people can or cannot do and don’t limit or restrict people’s options.

We see people as individuals with unique strengths, abilities, aspirations and requirements and value people’s unique backgrounds and cultures.

We know how to have conversations with people that explore what matters most to them – how they can achieve their goals, where and how they live, and how they can manage their health, keep safe and be part of the local community.

We have a ‘can do’ approach which focuses on what matters to people and we think and act creatively to make things happen for them.

We keep up to date with local activities, events, groups and learning opportunities and share this knowledge so that people have the chance to be part of the local community.

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